Follow-Up Automation for Law Firms

Let automation do the chasing while your team does the closing.

Automated Text Messages

Send automated text messages

Remembering to text back every lead and client can be a hassle. Use sequences to schedule texts ahead of time or create drafts to send manually. Automation makes contacting prospective clients effortless.

Email Automation

Send automated emails

No lawyer wants to spend their valuable time sending hundreds of emails each day. Use email automation to expedite the process. Create a sense of empathy and contact leads faster than ever.

An icon showing a spam email

Avoid being marked as spam by using your firm's email address.

Some automated emails show up as being delivered from a different address which can confuse customers. Sequences will always be sent directly from your firm's email address. Not only does this look more professional, but it's also less likely to get overlooked as spam.

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Email automation integrates with

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Email 365
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Future Tasks

Set future tasks for your team as part of your workflow sequence with deadlines

Have you ever forwarded an email and never received an update? Sequences provide peace of mind by consistently delivering messages on time. Never second guess if your email made it to the recipient.

Manual Call Scripts

Assign future manual phone calls with predefined scripts as part of your workflow sequence

When everyone at the firm responds to leads, the brand voice can be inconsistent. Write manual call scripts as part of your sequence. This way, calls are cohesive, and every person gets the same information.

Schedule Meetings

Set future meetings and automatically send invites to participants without hassle

Are you tired of spending time arranging meetings and sending calendar invites for repetitive events? Add scheduled meetings as part of your automated sequence. Take one more monotonous task off your plate so you can make the most of your time.

Rest of Features

Automatically Stop Sequences

Define goals for your workflow sequence, e.g., continue until a meeting is scheduled or a reply is received

You want to reach the potential client, but once they've responded, it seems spammy to keep sending pre-written messages. Automatically stop the sequence once a lead has taken a defined action, for example, texted back. Intaker's innovative technology works for you to capture leads and use that as a launching point for conversations.

Bulk Actions

Use bulk action to monitor contacts and their stages, e.g., add, remove, pause, or finish a workflow sequence for specific people

Have you ever sent an email sequence and wanted to make a change after it was already in progress? With the bulk actions feature, you can easily add, remove, pause, or finish the series for specific contacts. Save time mass editing a sequence rather than going through each email individually.

Assign Workflow Sequence

Automatically assign an appropriate workflow sequence to a contact when they talk to Intaker on your site

Say a lead comes to your site and clicks on "personal injury" they need messaging specific to that practice area. You can customize the intake questions based on case type by assigning a workflow sequence. Utilizing this tool allows you to pre-qualify leads from the start and a better user experience for the prospective client.

Avoid Spam Folder

Take preventative measures to avoid being flagged as spam

Have you ever heard about clients or leads where your email ended up in their spam folders? Intaker takes preventative measures to ensure this doesn't happen. Clients and prospects will always receive your messages, and no marketing efforts will go to waste.



How to send effective automated texts using Intaker?
Sending automated messages is simple with Intaker. You can write out messages beforehand and schedule them to go out in a series on pre-set dates and times.
What's a practical application of text and email sequences?
Sequences are particularly valuable when you are trying to pursue a prospective client. Sending a series of texts and emails lets you get ahold of leads before they go elsewhere. One example of a practical application is creating an email sequence template and integrating it with other marketing techniques.

Write out scheduled text messages and emails ahead of time. Personalize them with the client's name and other custom fields. Adding personal information makes the messaging feel warm, unlike a cold mass text. These nurturing sequences have repeatedly delivered measurable results when it comes to onboarding rates.
Can I include a call script in the series of follow-up messages?
Yes, call scripts are an outstanding feature included in sequences. You can draft a phone conversation and schedule it for a future date. The purpose is to establish trust and a sense of cohesiveness across the firm.
How to follow up professionally and avoid potential spamming?
Successful law firm marketing strategies are persistent but not too aggressive. That's why you can spread out messages across multiple modalities, and they automatically stop once you receive a reply.
How are sequences better than other forms of digital marketing?
Sequences are better than email marketing campaigns, for example, which might end up in spam or trash. Sequences take advantage of multiple modalities, including text and manual calls. Sequences take advantage of modern technology that most prospects use daily.

Delivering messages straight to their phone number is a more personable approach, unlike standardized messages sent to a massive contact list. Plus, it sends texts which have an exceptional open rate. Sequences should be part of your digital marketing strategy to expedite the client onboarding process.
How many messages to send to each client?
Scheduling messages and writing engagement emails can be tricky, and so can knowing when to stop. We suggest stopping after about five combined efforts of call, email, or text. The exact formula varies depending on the prospective client. Some people might be busy, and it becomes clear they have already found another solution for others.
Are sequences similar to a group text or email lists?
Sequences are similar but different. Group text is when you message a bunch of people together at once. Intaker sends individual messages to each person and is much more personable than a group text. An email list is also more general.

For example, a company might send a coupon to 100,000+ people on their email list. That's not how Intaker operates. We might send a similar message to people, but not all at once. Each email and text gets sent at an optimized time for its recipient.
What do I need to know about text and email templates?
You can personalize the subject line and body of all text. We also offer helpful pre-made templates. These are text and email scripts used for frequently sent messages. You don't want to type out the same introductory email thousands of times and instead can use one of our pre-built templates.

Templates can also be handy outside of sequences for frequently sent one-off messages. For example, you are asking for a review or declining a case. Intaker designed templates to make your life easier. We automate routine tasks, so you can spend time elsewhere focusing on more pressing matters.