Live Chat for Law Firms

Show empathy, build trust, and qualify leads instantly with Intaker website chat.

Intaker’s cutting-edge lead capture technology establishes credibility straight away with interactive video segments at the start and end of every chat.

A lady in Intaker chat widget
"I’m excited about Intaker and the best feature that is different that I really enjoy is the video portion. I feel like they can see my personality and even though it’s an automated chat, the video shows personality and helps people engage.”
Charles Laputka
Managing Partner at Laputka Law
Family & Bankruptcy

Live Chat for Attorneys

Establish rapport with interactive video

Bots are reliable and efficient but not personable; live chats are slow, expensive, and unpredictable but more inviting than bots. Intaker offers the best of both worlds with interactive video to build rapport and lightning-fast responses to minimize drop-offs. These features establish trust and capture information in a fast and effective way.

Law Firm Website Chat

Maximize capturing leads from your website on auto-pilot

You work hard to market your firm, but your website isn’t optimized for lead capture, so potential clients come and go. Intaker offers a variety of convenient ways such as chat, phone, and text for potential clients to convert to leads on your website. Maximize lead capture by appealing to a range of preferred communication styles.

Lead Qualification

Ask matter-specific qualifying questions to pre-screen prospective clients

You want to pre-qualify leads from the start, but your current chat provider cannot ask clear-cut qualifying questions. Intaker offers over 1400+ built-in prompts to help you gather all pertinent information from the start. Streamline the intake process and eliminate spending your resources on unqualified leads.

Instant Notifications

Get notified in seconds, respond faster, and close more.

Traditional live chat operators take anywhere from five to twenty minutes to enter lead information; by the time you get back to the lead, they might be talking to another firm. Intaker's system is instantaneous; all new inquiries get sent by email, text, and a ping to your dashboard within seconds. Instant notifications allow you and your team to respond faster, which directly increases your firm's closing rate.

Auto-Send Text & Email Confirmations

Stop leads from shopping and close the deal with auto-confirmations

Leads do not stop shopping when they submit their matter to your firm. This is the root cause of most unanswered calls. Take the weight off your shoulders with Intaker’s automatic follow-up text and email. You’ll be the first to contact clients, about 70% of prospects quit searching when receiving a confirmation message.


Guide visitors to take actions like making phone calls in addition to starting chats

Prospective clients have to spend time scanning your site to locate the firm's phone number. Intaker's click-to-call widget provides website visitors with a quick and easy way to get a hold of your firm. Intaker makes receiving inbound phone calls frictionless.


Increase bookings with Intaker’s self-scheduling tool

You want to ensure that no opportunity goes to waste and that your client-centric law firm delivers the best user experience compared to others. Utilize Intaker to offer a self-scheduling option at the end of the webchat. In today's digital marketplace, clients expect convenience; self-scheduling provides this and will make your firm stand out from the rest.

Modernize your intake process and appeal to millennial and gen z audiences

Increase Website Loading Speed

Fastest legal chatbot on the market

Slow loading speeds can annoy users, negatively impact search engine rankings, and reduce your overall lead conversion. Intaker has strong Core Web Vitals that support healthy SEO. Intaker's website chat will only enhance your site's user experience; never slow it down.


Increase bookings by encouraging leads to book calls on Google my Business

You want to make contacting your firm effortless to generate more leads. Add a link for clients to talk with Intaker directly on Google my Business at no extra charge. Cast a wider net to capture more leads by adding Intaker to your GMB profile.

Custom Website Chat

Personalize your Intaker experience to meet your firm's needs

If you are a large firm, there's a good chance you need to tailor intake questions based on case type. Intaker offers a custom-built solution to ask any need-to-know question you might have for a potential client. Creating distinct bots for different practice areas can be life-saving for big firms looking to qualify leads quickly.

Spanish Live Chat

Help more clients by enabling a range of language options

Having only one language option can limit firms who offer their services to non-English or Spanish speakers. If someone at your firm speaks another language, make a page and bot to showcase this and attract a more diverse range of clients. Your firm will help more people by taking advantage of this feature.

Location Rules & Geo-Fence

Limit unqualified leads from entering the chat by setting location parameters

Everyone wants more leads, but not when they’re from outside the parameters of your practice. Take advantage of geofencing to only receive messages from people in a specific area, display only in certain states and countries, or even change the video content based on location. Incorporating these rules on your page will help eliminate unqualified leads.

Block unqualified leads from entering the chat to save your intake team valuable time

Personalization & Page Rules

Establish empathy with a personable user experience

Someone searching for a divorce lawyer will have different needs than someone looking for personal injury; having just one shared bot will not cut it. That’s why Intaker offers case-specific bots for pages on your website. You can showcase many areas of law and capture more specific information with custom bots.

Law Firm Landing Pages

Take law firm marketing to the next level

You are looking for a landing page that is easy to build and ready to go on day one. Create a landing page with Intaker that has only one call to action, filling out the chat. Landing pages are especially effective for ad campaigns, and you can share them on social media or print the QR code on flyers!

Lead Routing for Large Law Firms

Save time by connecting leads with the best point of contact

You want leads to be in touch with the right person from the start. Use lead routing to get prospective clients to the right point of contact as soon as they fill out the chat. Lead routing gives your firm a reputation of being highly knowledgeable and prepared.

Collaborate with Attorneys & Staff

Respond promptly to leads by working as a team

Are you ever worried about opportunities slipping through the cracks and leadership being unaware it's happening? Intaker's collaboration tool lets you respond as a team from one phone number and view everyone's conversations in the dashboard. Collaboration improves your team's response time and organization, so you never let a good opportunity pass by.

Never let a great opportunity pass you by

Google Analytics for Lawyers

Integrate Google Analytics with Intaker to monitor your results

Once you start spending money on marketing tools, you will want to double down on what's working and cut what is not. Intaker fires events to help track conversions and keep your agency in the loop. You'll be able to see your growth, and how many more leads Intaker delivers each month.

All-In-One Software for Lawyers

Seamlessly works with texting, lead management & the rest of Intaker

Instead of having to hop between platforms and build integrations for email, texting, and lead management, wouldn’t it be easier to combine everything? Intaker is an all-in-one solution with features that seamlessly integrate. Ditch the clutter and keep your digital workspace organized.

Send chat leads straight to your CRM

Including Salesforce, Clio, Lead Docket, Lawmatics, Captorra, Litify & more.

Legal practice areas

  • Personal Injury Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Defense Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Employment Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Estate Planning and Probate
Sarah's headshot

“Intaker team made sure our chat script was exactly how we wanted it. We needed a lot of personalization with our chat script that the Intaker team made possible.”

Sarah Busch
Marketing Assistant
Injured Workers Law Firm
Jeanne's headshot

“Leads like the easy process, and being able to encourage them to set appointments at the end of the chat is beneficial.”

Jeanne Hovenden
Chesterfield Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy Law
Bryan's headshot

“That’s definitely an impressive increase in activity over what we had gotten. Good job. You delivered on your promise”


Bryan Fiorito
Hayes Law Group
Estate Planning & Criminal Defense


Are Artificial Intelligence chatbots better than live chats?
Yes, AI chatbots function better than live chats in many ways. They are faster, with no lag in response time and pre-built prompts to direct the lead qualification process. Bots can customize their flow based on the page the user is visiting to increase engagement. They are overall more efficient and user-friendly than live chats.
What is the policy surrounding unqualified leads?
You do not need to request no fees for bad leads. Intaker offers a flat rate program. Tools such as geofencing and matter qualification help eliminate unqualified leads from the start.
How effective are chatbots for law firm marketing?
Chatbots are the second most effective online lead conversion channel after phones. It is not only younger legal consumers showing very high interest in chatbots. They get praised across all ages and categories of users. This digital marketing strategy will not be going away anytime soon.
When do law firms need to add chatbots to their websites?
A general rule of thumb is when the law firm website surpasses 500 visitors per month. However, legal marketers need to consider immediately adding a legal chatbot to their landing pages if their law firm is running paid ads or pay-per-click campaigns.
Does it matter which legal chatbot a law firm picks?
Yes, legal chatbots convert at different rates. Intaker is the leading legal chatbot company in North America. Intaker comes with very innovative features that are rare to find elsewhere.
What is the process of building a chatbot system?
Intaker's out-of-the-box solution is built from scratch for law firms and has ready-made chatbot flows that help lawyers launch their Intaker bots within a few minutes. Most law firms can customize and fully build an optimized Intake bot in 10 to 20 minutes.