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“We were comparing our numbers from a year ago, and found some interesting results. We received almost the same leads but four times the hires, which is amazing!”

Law Offices of Robert M. Geller, P.A.

Intaker Desk

An all-in-one virtual inbox to increase productivity for lawyers

You finally respond to a quality lead, but the first few minutes have passed, and they've already contacted another law firm. Desk is a virtual inbox that notifies you instantly of all incoming messages, chat leads, and other activities. You will be the first to contact a lead, which significantly improves your chances of signing them as a client.

Send to Desk Icon

Send Desk Items

Sending to-do lists over email is inefficient, and people often overlook the tasks. Use Desk to quickly send notes, texts, and chats to team members at your law firm. Increase efficiency and shorten response time.

Notification bell icon

Set Reminders

Remembering tasks like follow-up calls can be difficult. Instead of trying to keep track of everything on paper or in your head, set reminders for a future date and time.

Snooze Icon

Snooze Items

Imagine being super busy, and a notification pings in the dashboard. Instead of taking a mental note and potentially forgetting about it, use the snooze feature to get reminded later.

Task Management for Lawyers

Share responsibilities as a team to accomplish more each day

Have you ever experienced a time where leads were flowing in, but you were preoccupied and unable to respond? Intaker lets you assign responsibilities to the appropriate team members to play on people's strengths and increase response time. Boost productivity, satisfy more prospective clients, and never miss an opportunity with an organized internal workflow.

Law Firm CRM

Keep track of notes, calls, emails & other activities in one place

You had a great conversation with a lead, but your co-worker also called them, unaware that you had already talked. With Intaker's activity logs, you can see all lead information and their communication with the firm to date. Having access to this data allows you to avoid confusion and unnecessary mishaps that make the firm look bad.

Add notes to each lead and never lose important information

Pipeline Software for Law Firms

Monitor the lead status and oversee the client conversion pipeline

Say you have a constant stream of legal cases coming in but no way of knowing where they're at in the pipeline. Use Intaker to track current lead status with labels and oversee the client conversion pipeline. With a system in place, decision-makers can easily stay informed and handle leads appropriately.

Advanced Custom Fields

Store lead information in fully customizable formatted fields

Keeping messy notes for a client can be tough, for example, tracking their birthday, address, or other practice area-specific information. Intaker empowers you to store lead and client information in formatted fields, such as plain text, date, address, and more. Help your team keep track of notes and work efficiently with fully customizable fields.

Sort & Filter Leads

Create lists of leads who share specific characteristics

Your law firm has a massive list of leads that need to be narrowed down based on a particular attribute, such as where they're at in the intake process. Sorting would take forever by hand, luckily our lead management software does the work for you. You can sort and filter leads quickly with just a few clicks of a button.

Business Texting

Send and receive text messages with one number straight from the dashboard

No lawyer wants their phone blown up with worktexts, and no client wants to keep track of multiple conversations with different people at the firm. Business texting allows you to reply with one voice as a team and store all conversation threads in one place. Intaker's collaborative texting makes communication crystal clear for everyone involved.

Learn more about Business Texting.

Legal Practice Management Integrations

Connect with virtually any CRM or legal case management software

Are you excited about Intaker but still want the comforts of your current CRM? Lucky for you, Intaker integrates with virtually any legal case management software. You can automatically transfer new leads straight from Intaker into your CRM using a variety of Intaker Integrations.

Law Firm Growth Analytics
Easy to grasp analytics to track results

Your team would have to manually perform data entry for most analytics tools, making reporting less reliable. Intaker’s analytics was created from the ground up for law firms. Automate capturing events in the pipeline, analyze subsets of data, and track growth with minimal extra effort from your team.

Jason reviewed Intaker legal chatbot

“The desk makes it so much easier to get the leads done faster!”
Law Offices of Jason R. Carpenter



What is lead management software?
Lead management software is a tool that helps with organization and, in turn, gets you more clients. Using this technology will help your firm secure, maintain, and engage quality leads.
Why is lead management essential for my law firm's success?
Lead management is a way to efficiently screen new messages and prevent wasting time on unqualified leads. With a foolproof system in place, you will get in touch with quality leads right away and begin nurturing the relationship and onboarding them as a client. Lead management is also a law firm productivity tool that keeps all-important client information stored in one easily accessible place, so no critical notes, documents, or files can be misplaced.
How to collaborate with team members across the lead management dashboard?
Hover over a notification in Desk, and four icons appear. Choose "send to desk" and enter the recipient's name within your organization to whom you would like to send the item.
How to integrate CRM with my website and begin using Desk?
Depending on what you are integrating, the set-up process may change. Most of the time, it is as simple as entering a token number and pressing activate. There are step-by-step instructions for anything more complex in your Intaker dashboard. Our team is always on standby, ready to help you along every step of the way to seamlessly integrate your current CRM lead management with our system.
Why is lead management for lawyers so important?
In the past, lawyers kept track of all of their client's data using organized files and printed documents. Lead management is a productivity tool for lawyers that saves time because there is no sifting through files and no chance of misplacing crucial documentation.

In the age of digital marketing, software solutions for law firms are becoming increasingly popular. Intaker's lead management tool saves your firm time and makes storing valuable data more effortless than ever.
Can lead management enhance my law firm's customer service?
Our team collaboration tools help your team respond faster and improve customer service. Intaker's software makes it easier to manage client communication making for a more organized work environment. Which directly benefits potential clients and makes the relationship smooth from the start.
How can Intaker's technology improve lead generation and lead nurturing?
Lead generation is the initial phase of identifying a potential client; this happens with Intaker's webchat. The prospect's information gets added to Intaker's lead management system. Once their information is received, lead nurturing begins.

Sequences and business texting assist this process in starting to develop a relationship and make the client comfortable.

Our lead management system stores all of the information about your future clients. You can always reference important facts or documents about their case. Everything is interconnected and works together to secure leads and turn them into clients.
What's the difference between lead management and task management?
Lead management focuses on managing and storing data related to prospective clients. Task management is about creating a strategy to achieve goals through tracking and reporting. Both elements are essential when it comes to securing clients.

Within our lead management dashboard, you can delegate and oversee individual tasks. Everything gets recorded on file for future reference, from assigning responsibilities to team members, adding notes, or logging calls.
How is Intaker different from other text messaging services for businesses?
Intaker is more than just automated text messages for business; it is an all-in-one solution built for the legal industry. One of the benefits of Intaker is it comes packed with a variety of tools for one monthly cost. You don't have to worry about managing multiple memberships for lead management, texting, and your chatbot separately.