Lawyers Texting Clients and Leads

Text Messaging for Law Firms: Increase Reach & Engagement

Two-Way Business Texting for Law Firms

Send and receive instant text messages

Have you ever spent valuable time drafting emails, only to be ghosted and never hear back? Avoid this with SMS texting; it has an open rate of 98% and is the preferred communication method of clients. Business texting is a must if you want to increase your closing rate.

An icon showing phone dial pad

Single Phone Number

Attorneys are busy enough without having their personal phones blown up, and clients prefer one line of communication. That's why Intaker provides you with a single phone number for the firm to share.

An icon showing chat

Confirmation Text

Following up with clients doesn't have to be time-consuming. Set up automated text messaging to connect with clients immediately after filling out the website chat. It is proven 70% of leads will stop searching at this point.

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Desk Notification

Responding promptly to text messages has never been easier. Desk will send a chime to your dashboard each time a new text message comes in. It also has features to snooze a task or send it to a team member.

Law firms that contact leads immediately convert 60 times more than firms that wait 24+ hours.

SMS Text Messaging Collaboration

Use our text collaboration tool to reply to new messages as a team quickly

Clients don't want to be texting multiple people at the law firm the same information, and lawyers don't want the extra burden of tracking communication across various devices. Team members can collaborate in the dashboard with business text messaging to operate as a single unified voice. This tool makes your team more effective in turning leads into clients.

User headshots around a text message
picture showing text messages

Text Templates for Lawyers

Text templates for frequently sent messages

You want to ask for a review or answer a common question but are tired of writing the same message repeatedly. Intaker lets you create templates for frequently sent texts and personalize them with each person's name. Send personable messages in a fraction of the time.

Leave a personal and empathetic impression

Automated Text Messaging

Send multiple follow-up text messages to hot leads and ask them to take your desired action on autopilot

Following up takes a lot of effort and can be hard to manage on top of other responsibilities. That is why Intaker automated the process with sequences. Leads will take action without any extra effort from your team, increasing revenue for your firm.

Files and Attachments in Text (MMS)

Receive files, images, or documents via text

You want to receive a file, document, or image from a client over text, but your current provider doesn't allow it. Intaker's technology conveniently enables you to send all attachments over the phone. Remove friction from sending and receiving important documents.



Is text message marketing effective?
Yes! Text messages have nearly a 100% open rate. Business texting is the fastest and most effective form of client communication.
How to send automated text messages?
Activate the texting feature on your professional dashboard. Then, automatically begin sending follow-up messages after a prospective client fills out the chat. See our sequences page for more information on how to send a series of automated messages.
Can law firms use their existing business number to text?
To text from the dashboard, you will need to generate a new number for SMS. It will have your local area code but is different from your office number.
What are the SMS automation features?
Immediately after filling out the online chat, users will receive a confirmation text and email. You can also set up sequences to send SMS messages at a specific time in the future. SMS automation makes delivering exceptional customer service more manageable than ever.
What is the pricing for text message capabilities?
Texting has no additional cost.
Is there a limit on the number of team members using one phone number?
Everyone on your team has access to the business texting feature. You can collaborate as a group straight from the dashboard. Intaker will never limit your team or cap the number of people on the account.
Is SMS a replacement for traditional email marketing?
Text messaging has a significantly higher open rate than email. That being said, it is a compliment, not a replacement. Text messaging is the cherry on top of your already solid online marketing campaign.
Whose responsibility is it to write the template?
Intaker offers a handful of pre-made templates. You also can draft something specific to your practice and target audience. Templates are an excellent way to quickly communicate frequently asked questions without having to type the same email repeatedly.
Is two-way text for law firms a good way to nurture the attorney-client relationship?
Intaker's professional text messages are personable, unlike mass texting to a contact list. Although you schedule texts ahead of time, they are sent at optimized times for your client. The messages are custom-tailored with the person's name and other pertinent information.
How is Intaker different from other text messaging services for businesses?
Intaker is more than just automated text messages for business; it is an all-in-one solution built for the legal industry. One of the benefits of Intaker is it comes packed with a variety of tools for one monthly cost. You don't have to worry about managing multiple memberships for lead management, texting, and your chatbot separately.